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Visiting the
Arts Center/Gallery
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The Arts Center/Gallery (ACG) is a community exhibition and events space located in the William Jason Library building on the Dover campus of Delaware State University.

The ACG welcomes community visitors but please be aware that the ACG follows DSU Covid protocols. Please contact the ACG at or 302.857.6697.

Please check the website frequently for updates on ACG availability. A weekly schedule is posted during exhibition periods.

of Creativity

May 22- June 16, 2023

This exhibition is in partnership with Art Works for All , a nonprofit arts education organization supporting the artistic success of individuals with disabilities. This exhibition celebrates the creative work of individuals with disabilities and was created during Art Works for All’s Artist Residency projects in K-12 schools and community settings throughout the state.

ACG Internships

Internships Available

Are you interested in working in the ACG (Arts Center/Gallery) as an Intern?

The ACG offers two internship courses:

   Art 329: University Gallery Internship

   Art: 495 Cooperative Education

These courses were designed to provide students with the opportunity to intern in the ACG learning environment and explore exhibition processes, artist services and program development. There is also an opportunity to work with other local arts and culure organizations. This course is open to all degree majors.

For more information about credit internships as well as volunteer experiences, please contact the ACG. or 302.857.6697

Arts Center/Gallery

(William C. Jason Library)

1200 N DuPont Hwy

Dover, DE 19901